Some teaching material

…can be found here:

As mentioned there

Like all such material much of it is either shamelessly (or shamefully!) plagiarised, borrowed, edited etc from other sources, especially courses I’ve taken before or notes I’ve inherited from past lecturers. I will try to add some credits as I go. This is essentially impossible for some material, however, as it was effectively picked up from the aether.

If you have any objections to me making this material (or some parts of it) available then let me know. My intention is simply to make it available for anyone who wants to learn about these topics.

Also, this material should be assumed to contain at least some gross errors or major misconceptions!

At the moment it includes material on partial differential equations, probability, Markov processes and qualitative analysis of differential equations.

I’m working on improving the material (and adding more) so expect it to change. In particular I’m currently updating the material on qualitative analysis of differential equations. I’m hoping to better balance the (interesting!) underlying theory with more emphasis on, and examples of, simple and direct applications of the theory.

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